I just did a count and I have 194 cookbooks. It doesn't look like that many when they are neatly stacked in the bookshelf. About 15 of them are those little tiny thin books you often find at the end of supermarket aisles, in my case the French ones that are of course all in French. (My French vocabulary is mostly, you guessed it, food related) so luckily I can semi-translate the recipes.

This collection has taken around 30 years so that equates to just over 6 cookbooks per year and a lot of them have been purchased second hand. I make a beeline in charity stores for or car boot sales for cookbooks as you often find a gem. Anyway, looking at all the books I have and I have read them over back to back several times (nothing beats bringing a new cookbook home or receiving one as a gift, making a fresh coffee and curling up on the sofa and drooling), it got me thinking.

Most of the recipes I devise on The Salty Sparrow are something I have created or been inspired by. I sit amongst this vast collection of books and hardly ever cook a recipe from them. Not because I haven't or don't want to, it's more a case that I prefer to share original content with you, my loyal readers. So I thought about setting myself a challenge.


Every month ( maybe more depending on schedule) I will cook a recipe from a cookbook and share with you the outcome. I will cook a recipe from every book, so expect to see 194 cookbook recipes. Yikes that is going to take some time. I also expect that during this time that the collection will continue to grow and I will update you as this happens.


What I also thought would be a fun thing to do would be to get you, my valuable readers involved also. There is a separate tab/page for The Cookbook Challenge with a list to all the cookbooks I have and I will update regularly what recipe I will be cooking in advance. Why not send me a message of which recipe or cookbook you want to see a recipe from next? You are also welcome to join in and cook the same recipe and share a photo of you dish to which I will share on the website. Let's have fun with this.



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