Hi I'm Samantha and thanks a bunch for visiting my blog and reading about moi.

There's a lot to tell but I promise I will give you the short version. Firstly what is The Salty Sparrow all about. On your first visit it may confuse a little as there is a mix of food, recipes, lifestyle, music and a very cuddly labradoodle named Boo Boo. I had intended to just share my recipes but I have been sent such a lot of different questions asking for advice and recommendations I decided to evolve the blog into sections, a little like an online magazine I guess. It features all things that I like and make up my day. I hope you like it too. 

Where does the name come from. Growing up Sparrow was and still is my nickname amongst others so it has always stuck. The Salty element comes in as I owned an award winning restaurant/bistro and it was called The Salty Sparrow which so happened to be right by the sea in Devon. I sold the restaurant at the end of 2019 due to family reasons at the height of popularity but I have no regrets. I'm currently busy with new projects and I will be revealing some exciting new concepts this year.

I was born in Australia to a Danish father and Australian mother. My parents are fantastic cooks and I was born into a fusion of flavours.

I spent my childhood travelling the globe and learning about different cultures and exciting food flavours. As my father is an Artist it meant that I was able to travel a lot from the age of  a toddler through to an adult and experience different schooling also. I would make friends at schools in Denmark and Spain of which even though we were not able to communicate in each other's language, we could make ourselves understood in many ways. The sounds of 'mmmmm' of something delicious to eat is a global understanding!

I finally settled permanently in the UK around 20 years ago, my love of travel and culture never subsiding. Since  I was a young girl I have always dreamed of doing something with food and or design. I took a side-step into a career in the financial sector and part time I was able teach cookery and offer pop-up private dining services. A few years ago I met the love of my life, my husband Mr B. I gave up my job and took a chance. We went to Thailand where I was able to teach Thai cookery classes before returning to the UK and searching for premises for my bistro. We needed to find somewhere that suited the bistro and somewhere that was suitable for Mr B to scuba dive. We settled on Brixham, in Devon right on the harbour. During our time we received the prestigious Best Restaurant/Bistro award amongst others. The awards are listed at the footer of the page. 

Apart from my parents, what really got me interested in cooking was the late but seriously wonderful Mr Keith Floyd whom I was very fortunate to know. His whole style and approach was so relaxed and enjoyable and certainly not pretentious. What I dislike about cookery and some restaurants these days is the whole air of self importance and a pretentious approach. Food should be made accessible to all levels and not frighten people off that otherwise don't have the ability or the finances to evolve. As a nation I sometimes feel that we are getting lazier and that means a lazy approach to food. Too much fast food and ready meals and the days of sitting at a table as a family are slowly becoming extinct. For those of you that continue to make fresh wholesome food for your family and eat at a dinner table as a family, I salute you! In my bistro my food was relaxed and the atmosphere was one of welcoming people as strangers and having them leave as friends. Something I am very proud of. 

So what am I doing now? Well I am keeping busy developing new recipes for the blog and an exciting new cookbook being released this year. I review products for companies and develop recipes using their products, teach cookery and offer private chef services for guests homes or pop up events. If all that isn't enough, I am a normal wife that cleans the house, prepare my husbands lunch box for work and walk Boo Boo. I'm clumsy (very clumsy) and quite how I manage to curb that trait in the kitchen and not have an accident I don't know. I have an addiction for chorizo, chillies and vintage French pop. My husband calls me 'monkey foot' but that's a whole other story!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and as always if you have a question or a recipe you would like to see then please do get in touch and I will see what I can do. 

Happy Eating folks!

Samantha x

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